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Enriching Lives of Older Adults
Senior Center.jpg

"Senior Shenanigans"
In Prunedale's cozy halls, where wisdom blooms, Seniors gather, chasing away life's gloom. Bingo cards flutter, tai chi and line dancing entwine, Dancing like no one's watching, they redefine time. 
Karaoke stars emerge, belting tunes with glee, Lunchtime feasts and cooking classes--a culinary jubilee. Computer support, Art class brushstrokes, Picasso meets fun.
AT THE Prunedale Senior Center, aging's just begun!
Feel Free to join the laughter and camaraderie at the center today; 
let's play!


The Prunedale Senior Center is OPEN Monday through Thursday

9am to 3pm and Friday 9am to 12pm with lunch served every day at 11:30am

Please call one day ahead to reserve your lunch.



Food Bank Deliveries

Every Wednesday

from 9:00am to when supplies run out




Grey Bears Deliveries

Every Thursday

at 9:00 am

We are looking for a part-time driver to give Marcie a break once a month. Please call the center for Details


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